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Valve Train

Garima Global Pvt. Ltd. is one of the largest exporter of valve train components, working with the leading manufacturers in India of camshats, engine valves, valve guides, valve springs, valve seats, valve collets, valve retainers, valve tappets, rocker arms, rocker arm brackets, rocker shafts, push rods, lifters, roller pins & rollers, valve covers, cam gears, timing belts, timing chains, belt tensioners etc.


Camshafts control the timing of opening and shutting the engine valves and may be considered to be the spine of the timing system. We have developed a wide range with leading Indian camshaft manufacturers, suitable for a wide variety of heavy duty, agricultural and earthmoving / construction machinery applications.


There exists one of the biggest base of high-quality engine valve manufacturers in India. But, one size does not fit all – and this is where Garima Global partners with its customers to develop AutoGRACE® engine valves as per their drawings or samples with just the right engine valve manufacturer in India. Some manufacturers specialize in technologically advanced engine valves with fully automated production lines, whereas others focus on competitively priced engine valves for lower speed tractor and stationary engines. Let us help you choose just the right source for your requirements of valves.


Garima Global develops and exports valve guides AutoGRACE® in tandem with leading valve guide manufacturers in India for automotive, heavy duty, agricultural, industrial and earth moving engines, in both cast iron and brass materials. Our valve guides pass stringent quality checks including geometric parameters like concentricity and material specs like hardness.

Engine Inlet And Exhaust Valve Guides


Valve Spring

Valve springs serve the purpose of closing the valves once the cam lobe rotates away from the valve tip. AutoGRACE® brand valve springs are produced by the leading manufactures of engine valve springs in India according to specifications provided by Garima Global and our customers.


AutoGRACE® brand valve seat inserts are built with durability in mind. PL12MV, J3 / SAE J610b, J100, J120, VALMET® materials, and Super alloys like Welltite® & Stellite® are used in producing seats with extreme fatigue resistance by the leading manufacturer-partners of valve seat inserts in India.


AutoGRACE® brand valve spring retainers are sourced by Garima Global from leading producers of valve spring retainers in India. They are made from high hardness steel grades to withstand the constant pressure the spring exerts on them along with the rapid oscillatory movement of the valves.


AutoGRACE® brand collets are sourced from the best manufacturers in India under strict quality control of Garima Global. There may be a slight gap between the two halves after installation, locking the valve in place due to friction, or they may rest against each other and allow the valve to rotate, to promote even wear across the valve seat face.

Clamping And Non-clamping Collets Or Locks For Engine Valves


Valve Tappets

The purpose of cam followers is to translate the lifting action of the cam lobe to the valve. There are various designs in use to suit different applications – solid / sliding type, roller type and hydraulic lifter type.


Mostly used in engines with camshafts situated in the block, rocker arms must possess high rigidity to effectively transfer cam lobe motion to the valves. Hence AutoGRACE® brand valve rockers are sourced from leading forging manufacturers in India. Newer designs allow for production via powder metal and investment casting processes also.

Engine Valve Rockers Or Engine Rocker Arms And Rocker Arm Brackets


Rocker arm shafts serves as the fulcrum for the rocker arms and have lubricating channels cut into them to aid the smooth oscillation of the rocker arms.


In V-engines and engines with block mounted camshafts, push rods are used to translate the valve opening motion from the cam lobe to the valve through the cam followers and rocker arms. Only the best manufacturers of push rods in India supply the AutoGRACE® brand push rods marketed by Garima Global to its quality conscious customers around the world.

Hardened And Forged Push Rods And Engine Push Rods Made From Bar Stock


Valve Covers And Rocker Covers

Made of a variety of plastics or sheet metal, rocker covers / valve covers / cam covers / rocker boxes are bolted on to the engine block to cover the rocker arm assembly and protect it from dirt while preventing the engine oil from leaking out into the engine compartment of the vehicle.


To minimize engine repair and overhaul costs, only the wear parts of the roller tappets i.e. the rollers and the roller pins, may be replaced instead of replacing the complete tappet assembly. AutoGRACE® brand tappet rollers and roller pins are produced by leading manufacturers in India, under the guidance of and quality checks by the technical team at Garima Global.

Cam Follower Rollers Pins
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