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corporate office

Strategically located in the most important business city of India, and its financial hub – Mumbai, in the state of Maharashtra. Home to corporate headquarters, reputed universities, the busiest and most well-connected airport of the country as well as the largest sea port, Mumbai provides a rich, diverse and energetic atmosphere; and a talented, hard-working pool of human resources.

Our corporate office is the nerve centre from where all operations are coordinated and financial control is exercised over the entire gamut of organizational activities.


Housed in our corporate headquarters, our fundamental strength derives from the highly skilled and experienced team in our engineering department, complemented by a fully equipped development centre.

Development starts with our customers providing a sample or detailed technical drawings. Prior to production, our engineers specify detailed technical specifications with respect to dimensions, materials, tolerances, surface finish and geometrical parameters for each product being developed.

After production is complete, we test samples from the production batch against the original technical specifications at our well-equipped laboratory. Upon our approval, the samples are sent to our customers for their approval, after which the goods are processed for delivery.

Due to the extensive range of engine and other automotive parts we have developed for our global customers, our engineers are experienced in identifying appropriate materials, manufacturing processes and vendors for your requirements.

Development Process

Garima Global Development Process



12,000 sq.ft.


2400 tons/year

Inductotherm Make, VIP Brand Induction Furnace @ 800 Hz
Environment friendly induction furnaces also have many other advantages:Eliminating the possibility of contamination of molten metal by fuel particles as in case of coal or gas fired furnaces, and Agitation of molten metal due to the rapidly alternating magnetic field - which promotes thorough mixing of alloying elements and hence uniform chemical composition.

2 x Induction Melt Crucibles of 500 kg and 350 kg respectively

22 x Cantilevered Tri-Spindle Centrifugal Casting Machines Pouring Capacity of 66 Dies at a Time
Centrifugal Casting technique pushes lighter-than-metal contaminants to the surface on the bore of the liner casting from where they are machined away. Also casting defects such as porosities and inclusions are pushed to the surface, giving a uniform microstructure and material properties.

In-house Return Boring Cleaning Vibrator
Contaminants such as sand, ash etc. mixed in with the machining return are filtered using appropriate mesh sizes in this 3-stage vibrator.

Magnetic Separator for Second Stage Filtration of In-house Return Borings
Metal borings are separated from any residual non-ferrous contaminants that may have escaped initial filtration by a magnetic separator.


25,000 sq.ft.


600,000 Liners / year

CNC Vertical Turning Lathes
Heavy duty CNC lathes capable of rough machining raw castings with considerable accuracy. This lays a solid foundation for further machining processes to produce a liner that confirms to increasingly tight tolerances required in modern engines.

CNC 3-Axis Horizontal Lathes
User primarily for machining the OD profile of wet liners with high accuracy and appropriate surface finish. Sealing grooves and fitting diameters are controlled precisely to ensure a leak-proof fit of the wet type cylinder liner, as well as roundness of a dry type sleeve.

CINCINNATI, USA Make Centreless Grinders
Used especially for dry type cylinder sleeves, where consistent OD geometry is required throughout the length of sleeve. Thin wall sections make this difficult to achieve due to higher degree of flexure under grinding pressure. CINCINNATI make machines handle this delicate job with high level of productivity and accuracy.

Cylindrical Grinders
Useful for fully finished dry and wet liners where ID-OD concentricity is of utmost importance to ensure proper fit into the blocks and correct piston movement post installation.

Plateau Honing Machines
The signature machining process for cylinder liner of any type, required to enhance the excellent wear properties of cast iron material by finishing the bore to a precise surface roughness. Also used to create the cross-hatch pattern that helps retain a film of lubricating oil on the liner wall and prevent seizure of piston and piston rings while enhancing their sealing effect.

Turning Lathes

Boring Centres


1,000 sq.ft.


Garima Global can maintain any chemical composition that our customers specifies. Our regular production is in GG25 / GG30 grade cast iron. Prior to pouring, each batch of molten metal is tested on the spectrometer to ensure correct chemical composition.

Metallurgical Microscope (METALSOFT, INDIA)
We conduct microstructure and phase analysis of our castings at specified intervals using specially prepared test specimen. Our castings exhibit at least 95% A and B type Graphite flakes of size 4-6 microns. Free ferrite is controlled within 5%. Pearlite matrix maintained.

Hardness Tester (FIE, INDIA)
Castings from each batch of molten metal are batch tested to ensure hardness specified by the customer, usually within 200-280 BHN.

Surface Roughness Tester (MITUTOYO, JAPAN)
OD and Bore of the liner are maintained within specified ranges of Ra, Rz, Rpk, Rvk and other plateau honing or normal honing parameters etc.

Infrared Pyrometers (FLUKE, USA)
We carefully monitor the temperature of dies before pouring molten metal into them and the temperature at which castings are extracted from them, since this affects microstructure of the liner.

Thermocouple Pyrometer + Wireless Display (V-SMART, INDIA)
The bath temperature is monitored at regular intervals to ensure correct melt cycle. Tapping temperature is also monitored within a precise temperature range, as is the pouring temperature in the ladle just before molten metal is poured into the centrifugal dies.

Ultimate Tensile Testing Machine (FIE, INDIA)
At period intervals specimen are tested for ultimate tensile test of the material to ensure that the collar of the liner does not fatigue and fracture under cyclical loading of the combustion cycle.

Wide Variety of Measuring Instruments of Reputed Makes

Each liner is inspected online for dimensional accuracy after every machining process. In addition there is a batch inspection of finished goods to ensure no defective pieces



2 x SHAHJANAND, INDIA Make Laser Marking Machines
To mark products with our AutoGRACE® brand or the customer’s private label, along with the batch number that helps us maintain complete traceability of the origin, date of manufacture and other production details of the product.

5 x Fully Automatic Shrink Wrap Machines
To package products such as engine gaskets in a protective and visually attractive shrink film.

Our warehouse is where goods from our manufacturing facility and our vendors are consolidated at one location.

Here, each product is unpacked, put through stringent quality testing and then approved goods are cleaned, marked and packed in our AutoGRACE® brand or the customer brand. We protect metallic goods against corrosion using VCI (volatile combustion inhibitor) paper and anti-rust oils. Gaskets are packed using Sealed Air brand shrink film. Everything we do reflects quality.

The packed goods are then dispatched to our customers globally in more than 75 countries.

Our customers greatly benefit from having a single point of coordination for the goods they source from India. Also consolidation of cargo drives down their logistics and transactional costs substantially, making them more competitive in the market.

As a service to our bigger customers, we also mark and pack products in their private label, ready to sell off the shelves! We maintain a substantial stock of packaging material for our customers so that we can dispatch their goods with minimal lead time.



Quality control is the differentiating factor of Garima Global as compared to our competitors. We are equipped with the full complement of measuring and testing facilities to inspect the wide range of products passing through our warehouse.

Our in-house production of cylinder liners goes through the same stringent batch inspection as our sourced products. The warehouse acts as an independent, impartial third party inspector of goods manufactured by our production facility.

In sourced products, Garima Global becomes your indispensable partner in assuring the quality supplied by the manufacturer. No defective product will be exported to you, this is the Garima Global guarantee. Our experience in automotive components allows us to tread the fine line between practicality and ensuring critical specifications are in line with customer requirements, without affecting the fit and function of the component.

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