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Cylinder Heads

Keeping a cool head!

The cylinder head assembly has the most impact, of all the engine sub-systems, on the performance of the engine including power, emissions, fuel efficiency, noise and vibration levels etc. Design of the head is influenced by many factors, of which variable valve timing and direct injection have been the most significant lately in the development of modern engines.

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The traditional 2-valves per cylinder design has been large supplanted by 4-valves per cylinder which calls for very compact packaging of moving components into a very limited space, as well as increase in temperatures and pressures, making the geometry of combustion chamber one of the most important factors in the engineering of a cylinder head.


Garima Global supplies components for a wide variety of on-road, off-road, industrial and stationary applications such as: automotive (light duty) and light commercial, trucks (heavy duty), tractors (agricultural), earthmoving and construction machinery, generators, irrigation pumps, and defence / special purpose vehicles.

The brands for which we manufacture and export aftermarket products are Caterpillar, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Citroen, Cummins, Daewoo, DAF, Daihatsu, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, Fiat, Ford, Hino, Honda, Hyundai, International, Isuzu, Iveco, John Deere, Kamaz, Kia, Komatsu, Kubota, Land Rover, Leyland, Lister Petter, Lombardini, Mack, Mahindra, MAN, Massey Ferguson, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Navistar, Nissan, Onan, Perkins, Peugeot, Renault, Scania, Suzuki, Tata, Tatra, Toyota, Ursus, UTB, Volvo, Yanmar and Zetor, amongst others.

Garima Global also export parts for air-brake compressors like Wabco, Bendix, Knorr, Cummins, Clayton Dewandre, Mercedes, Midland etc.


Garima Global has developed an extensive range of components for engine, braking, transmission, suspension, steering, chassis, electrical, lighting and other automotive sub-systems. To assist our customers with choosing the right product for their requirements we have published comprehensive catalogs with engine / vehicle models, interchange with references of OEMs and other popular aftermarket brands, fitment dimensions and other technical data. We strongly encourage you to contact us with your specific requirements so that we can email you the relevant catalogs, and we look forward to starting a mutually beneficial business relationship with you soon!



Once the basic design principles and layout geometry have been decided on for a particular engine’s cylinder head, designers have a limited, but complex, set of permutations and combinations to achieve the right compromise between the various conflicting demands placed on the head. These include block style (inline vs. V), valves per cylinder, thermodynamics, complexity of valve train technology and of course, most importantly, the manufacturing process which directly impacts the cost.

The head also has to incorporate various ports to allow for circulation of coolant and lubricating oil, both of which have to be supplied generously to the components moving inside the head while keeping their pressure drop to a minimum.


Cylinder heads are principally made from cast iron and aluminium alloys using manufacturing processes like sand casting, die casting, lost-foam process and pressure die-casting process. Mould and die design have to be undertaken with utmost care due to complexity of design of modern heads, a plethora of cavities, ports and channels that have to be cast into the head and the challenges of inspecting them during QC process. Considering the staggering complexity in design and manufacturing of cylinder heads, Garima Global has built relationships with leading manufacturers of cylinder heads in India to source heads for its global customers.

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