Garima Global – Exporter and Manufacturer of high quality pistons

If you are looking for any motor parts for your engines, automobiles, etc., Garima Global Private Limited - Manufacturers and Exporters - is the most preferred destination. It provides a wide range of motor spare parts which include cylinder sleeves, liners, valve guides, pistons, connecting rods, gaskets and other components. It is one of the leading piston exporters in India. There are a variety of pistons exported by the company, which are manufactured in Cast Iron and Aluminium.

Aluminium pistons manufactured by this company have several advantages like low weight, high thermal conductivity, simple production, high reliability, good recycling properties and high fatigue resistance whereas the cast iron pistons manufactured here are used for lower speed machines like agricultural machinery and air brake compressors. Along with aluminium and cast iron pistons, they also specialize in manufacturing of forged steel articulated pistons for commercial vehicle engines.

Piston rings, which are broadly classified into compression rings and oil control rings are also manufactured and exported by Garima Global in their AutoGRACE(r) brand. The most significant features of the piston rings manufactured by this company are:

  • High mass - strength ratio
  • Good resistance to surface abrasion
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Good thermal conductivity

Moreover, the castings are produced by in-house centrifugal casting foundry and induction furnace, which produces superior, consistent and better micro-structured castings, and free of the casting defects which are commonly observed in products produced by conventional casting. Therefore, Garima Global is the most well-established company due to its quality products and ethical conduct, which has earned itself a status of ‘Export House’ by the Government of India. Thus, they are regarded as one of the best exporters of pistons, piston rings and other motor parts all across India.

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