What are the advantages of induction melting and centrifugal casting in manufacturing cylinder liners?

With technological advancements, good manufacturers are moving from using conventional methods of melting to modern methods that use latest technical know-how. They are not only cost effective but also more environment friendly. Induction melting is now replacing the traditional coal and oil fired furnaces in most modern foundries. Garima Global Private Limited, founded in the year 1990, is one of the most reliable and biggest manufacturers and exporters of automotive components such as cylinder liners. Other products they provide are cylinder blocks, connecting rods, engine valves, air-brake compressor parts, piston rings and more. Garima Global manufacture high quality products that meet or exceed OEM standards resulting in extreme durability. They are one of the best cylinder liner manufacturers in India, producing liners and sleeves for more than 5000 applications.

Induction melting process helps to heat the metal directly in a refractory lined crucible. Water cooled copper conductors surround the crucible. Furnace panel produces a high-voltage, rapidly alternating current. This produces an intense, rapidly reversing magnetic field inside the crucible which causes Eddy currents within the metal inside the crucible. These Eddy currents cause the metal to heat up from the inside and eventually to melt.

Let us check out some of the benefits of combination of Induction melting and Centrifugal Casting in the manufacture of Cylinder Liners:

Uniform Chemical Composition and Hardness – Induction heating helps to eliminate any quality issues that are related to open flame methods like contamination of metal, temperature variation within the bath etc. It helps for precise temperature control giving uniform results. The magnetic field also agitates the molten metal, promoting uniform chemical composition and helping all the ferroalloys to distribute uniformly throughout the matrix.

Maximum Productivity – Induction melting is a more energy efficient and cleaner process as compared to oil and gas fired furnaces. This results in higher productivity and ultimately, lower cost per unit for the final product.

Extension of the Fixture Life – Induction heating is a rapid process and delivers heating to the specific part of the product. It does not affect surrounding parts hence extending the life of the fixtures and mechanical setup.

Environment Friendly – Induction heating is a modern method that does not make use of traditional fossil fuels, hence it is a non-polluting method that will help protect the environment.

Centrifugal Casting – The molten metal is poured into a mould rotating at a high speed. The main advantages of Centrifugal Casting process are that it achieves higher density casting with greater mechanical strength, uniform hardness, few to no casting porosities such as blow holes, inclusions etc. Garima Global Private Limited has developed proprietary processes and technologies within the ambit of induction melting and centrifugal to further refine the advantages offered by these processes, thus manufacturing a high quality cylinder liner that can withstand the toughest operating environment and still function reliably.

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