Reliable and Trustworthy Manufacturer of Cylinder Liners and Sleeves from India

Cylinder sleeves and liners are vital components of engines. The cylinder sleeves sold today usually find application in petrol, marine and diesel compressor engines for both light and heavy commercial vehicles in addition to cars, tractors and utility vehicles. There are many cylinder liner manufacturers and suppliers in India. You can get high-quality cylinder liners by choosing to buy them from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer such as Garima Global Private Limited.

Garima Global Private Limited is a manufacturing company that specializes in producing cast parts and components like liners, engine cylinder sleeves , pistons and valve guides among other components. Our centrifugal casting foundry is located in the house. The melting process is completed by Induction Furnace. This process is free from pollution, noise, and smoke, ensuring an excellent mix and fine result. This prevents the possibility of blow holes, hidden porosities and casting defects that commonly affect conventional castings.

We manufacture efficient cylinder sleeves and liners. These products have different applications based on the design of an engine. Our company manufactures many models of wet and dry cylinder sleeves and liners with wall thicknesses of one millimeter to fifteen millimeters and with lengths from 125 millimeters to 370 millimeters.

We are one of the leading cylinder sleeves manufacturers in India. We manufacture huge quantities of finished and semi-finished cylinder liners to meet the needs of various users in both export and local markets. In addition, we produce customized sleeves and liners that meet the requirements of specific clients. We produce high-quality products due to our commitment to exhibit high standards of corporate behavior towards our clients, employees, society and the environment in which we operate. Towards this, we recognize our responsibility to ensure safety and the protection of the health of our employees in all operating sites.

Apart from cylinder sleeves, we also produce forged parts such as rocker arms and connecting rods among others. Our workshop has the most advanced CNC and conventional machinery. Our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified for marketing and manufacturing operations. We are proud to cater for several major global cylinder liners suppliers. Our company is unique in that our business practices are based on ethics. We strive to be your trusted partner. We believe in serving our clients for the long term and fully supporting them in their endeavors to be leaders in the areas they operate.

The government of India has awarded us the status of an export house due to our perfect track record in exporting auto parts. We have received multiple awards for our impeccable record and integrity as a manufacturer of cylinder liners India. Nonetheless, the reward that we cherish the most is the trust we have earned from our customers. We continue retaining this trust every year. We ensure that our quality policy is implemented at all levels and in all activities that concern product quality and customer service.

You can learn more about the features of the cylinder liners and sleeves we produce by browsing through the pages of our e-books. You can contact us to get the cylinder liners and sleeves you need. We are also ready to answer any questions you have regarding these products.

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