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Piston rings, which form the sealing surface with the cylinder liner in the combustion chamber are a crucial component. Piston ring set consists of various types of rings that fit into the grooves on the exterior diameter of a piston in reciprocating engines like the internal combustion engines. The major role of piston rings is preventing the oil from entering into the combustion chamber and sealing in the fuel and air mixture to compress and combust it. The piston, piston rings and the cylinder liner form the core combination of components responsible for generating mechanical energy from the fuel and air mixture, and then harnessing that energy to eventually provide the motive force that moves the vehicle.

Piston rings also enhance the transfer of heat from the piston to the wall of the cylinder. They also maintain the right quantity of oil between the cylinder wall and piston. Furthermore, these components regulate the consumption of engine oil by scraping oil from the walls of the cylinders back to the sump.

The piston rings that are made from cast iron are commonly used because they have good wear resistance properties. Cast iron piston rings are utilized widely in a broad range of high speed and high temperature engine applications. Spheroidal Graphite iron with a certain percentage of chromium, carbon, molybdenum and nickel rims are also used in special high pressure and temperature applications because of their greater flexibility and strength.

There are many piston ring manufacturers in India. You can get high quality piston rings from Garima Global Pvt. Ltd. At Garima Global, we partner with trusted manufacturers of piston rings. These manufacturers have a track record of exporting automotive components globally and are hence well-versed with stringent quality requirements.

Garima Global is one of the established piston rings suppliers. We offer a wide range of piston rings for brands like Isuzu, Mercedes Benz, Tata, Perkins, Volkswagen, Nissan and Zetor among many others. Our piston ring product range provides the optimal piston ring sets for different engines. These products include oil control rings in various profiles, designs and manufactured using the most appropriate technologies.

The piston rings we supply span thousands of applications for different kinds of engines. With a comprehensive line of piston rings, oil rings and compression rings, we have piston rings for applications such as heavy duty transportation, agriculture, automotive, small engines and industrial among others.

Our piston rings are made of high quality materials to ensure durability. The products are of superior quality and offer reliability to consumers. All our automobile components are produced under the supervision of experienced and exacting experts. The products are manufactured by using high quality raw materials. The products also come at cost effective prices.

At Garima Global, we seek to satisfy all our clients by providing them with products that meet their needs. The commitment we have in quality and service has resulted in customer loyalty and satisfaction. We have a good reputation for offering quality and value. We have a team of dedicated and skilled workers who offer reliable services to clients.

Our qualified technicians also provide clients with high quality customer service. At Garima Global, our goal is to provide our clients with world class quality products. Our vision is to become a world leader in manufacturing and exporting precision machined automotive components. You should contact us now to obtain the piston rings you need.

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