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Day in and day out we read about the various technological advancements that are happening around us, and though people may not consider this fact, but it has a direct impact on the automobile industry as well. With new opportunities where in everything is shifting towards electronic cars, which are considered to be more efficient and reliable transportation mode.

With these advancements, it is required for the engine parts manufacturer also to start being able to provide customised products to each of their clients to ensure that they are able to make the most of such opportunities when they get them.

Garima Global is a known among engine parts manufacturers, not only in India but as well as in the other regions of the world. With specialisation in components like liners, cylinder sleeves, pistons, valve guides, compressors and all other engine parts.

Being able to cater to customised needs of the clients along with providing a wide range of options from their existing portfolio, allows Garima Global to be the preferred choice of engine parts manufacturer.

Having an in-house casting foundry along with having the induction furnace used for the melting process, allows the team members to closely evaluate every step in the manufacturing process.

Garima Global is also ISO 9001:2008 certified for manufacturing and marketing operations, thus, rest assured the quality of products manufactured is the best while satisfied clients across the globe.

With clients spread across Europe, Africa, Russia, Australia, New Zealand and America, is what allowed the Government of India to award the status of the Export House to Garima Global.

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